The Word in Worship


The Pilgrims Progress




"Loving Christ, loving people and reaching the lost with His gospel."


  • Holy Bible

    Sola Scriptura

  •   Coarsegold Community Bible Church
    is an elder led church. We believe elders
    are called by God to lead the Church in
    every generation. We hold fast to the
    inerrancy of the Scriptures and believe
    they are totally sufficient for all our
    daily living and needs.

      We believe in the Great Commission,
    to first be the light and the salt, to witness
    to a dying world. We depend solely on the
    grace of God to both save us and sanctify
    us so we may walk in the works He has
    prepared in advance for us. As believers we have been called out of the
    world, commissioned to cleave to Christ and the Church, becoming one
    in unity in His glorious covenant relationshsip.

      Come and join us for Lord's Day worship!

For Christ came to seek the lost

  “There are two ways to commit idolatry. You can worship something other than the one true God, that’s way one. There is another way as well. You can worship the one true God by some other means than those that He has appointed.”

― Ligon Duncan

Worship Times

  • Worship

      Fellowship is in the Library at 10:15 am and Sunday Morning Worship begins at 11:00am.

  • Sunday Evening Prayer

      Please come and join us in prayer, we begin at 5:00pm.

  • Bible Study

      We are in a study of the Holy Spirit, please join us. We meet at 6:30pm Wednesday evening.